Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Isabell's logbook

Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Isabell's logbook

Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun S/Y Isabell Adventures

A short summary of the days at sea with our S/Y Isabell.

Sailomat 760 wind vane

Sailing season 2014Posted by captain 07 Nov, 2014 11:05:49
Finally! The newest investment in the sailing experience with Isabell is the wind vane self-steering of the model 760 Sailomat. Assembling the various parts is quite a job. Instead of the Tef-Gel that is used by the aeronautical industry to prevent corrosion problems with stainless steel - aluminum contact sites, I have choosen to use the Teflon-based boat bottom paint that I have also used on the underwater hull of Isabell during several years. This paint is quick drying water based Teflon paint.

I will try and make some pictures of the proceedings of installation the whoile structure on the stern of the boat. They will be posted on the homepage soon...