Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Isabell's logbook

Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Isabell's logbook

Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun S/Y Isabell Adventures

A short summary of the days at sea with our S/Y Isabell.

Snowing again

Winter 2011-12Posted by captain 14 Apr, 2012 19:02:56
Saturday 14 April 2012. It was snowing again today. I went to see the boat and work inside. Put in a new carpet and rewired some stuff inside. Up on deck thick wet snow. About 0 degrees Celcius outside. Luckily the heater is on inside and warming up nicely.

In the evening the snow stopped falling and the sun came out. Actually became nice. See some pictures of Isabell today...