Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Isabell's logbook

Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Isabell's logbook

Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun S/Y Isabell Adventures

A short summary of the days at sea with our S/Y Isabell.

Fixing things

Winter 2011-12Posted by captain 20 Mar, 2012 20:36:30
The past weekend it was time to start fixing things inside Isabell. The weather was cold and dreary on Saturday, but turned out real nice on Sunday afternoon and evening.
Saturday it was windy and sitting inside the main cabin the wind was howling in the rigging. Oh what I have missed that sound!

Lots of small fixings to do. But the heater is on and with 220V connected there is enough light in the cabin to see. In the afternoon of Saturday the cable connected to the wall electricity shorted (one of the leads was damaged) and after a big smelly flash, power went out. So after shopping for a new connector the cable was shortened and reconnected.

Not many persons have yet started to do maintenance. It is still cold outside and there was ice left on the lake. See the pictures below.
And Sunday evening!