Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Isabell's logbook

Hallberg Rassy 31 Monsun Isabell's logbook

Hallberg-Rassy 31 Monsun S/Y Isabell Adventures

A short summary of the days at sea with our S/Y Isabell.

Day 1 - Karlskrona-Stockholm

Sailing season 2010Posted by captain 09 Mar, 2012 19:07:01
25 June 2010
Senoren SXK buoy.

Getting Isabell ready for the trip to Stockholm. This evening Christina is taking the train down and she will accompany the skipper on the trip (at least for part of the way). It is nice weather and the Karlskrona Archipelago is shrouded in Spring colours. Beautiful.
In the afternoon the mooring is cast off and I take a trip in to Karlskrona to pick up new water, more diesel and Christina, who is to arrive in the evening by train. A lot of people are out in boats. Nice.

The train is late, but finally we are on our way. Since it got so late we decide to go back to the SXK mooring buouy at Senoren and ly there over night. When there we enjoy a beautiful sunset. Now we are all set to go. Stockholm here we come!

Good night.